December 29, 2010

In the beginning

So I've decided to blog as an outlet to release stress and a way to share the joy that is my baby boy. My goal is to try new things, experience motherhood, learn from others and love every minute with my little guy. See, I can hold him while he naps and still type with one hand. Even my left hand!
My little X-man is almost 5 months old, he is our first and is the love of my life. I've always wanted children and after a bit of a struggle he came into our lives. He didn't want to come out and had to be coaxed out 8 days after his due date. After only 30 minutes of pushing he came out and a wave of emotion came over me and I just started to bawl. I am not one to cry, but a love I had never experienced just burst out of me. Anyways, I could go on and on about that, but I won't.
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